a memo from the editor

Long long time ago, NASA had SETI@home. NIH and NSF had folding@home. Those organizations and the research projects they sponsored are long gone, relics of the past. If the sole government agency that stands now were to have done something in a similar vein, what would it have been like? Is it possible that Doku was such a project that became orphaned as an aftermath of the Great Disintegration?
What was it? Who were involved with the project? Does it have any relevance to us now?

We hope to shed some light on these questions in coming weeks, as we are starting the review and classification process on some documents that came our way. Under the Data Transparency Act that was recently reinstated, we came across a cachet of documents that date from the Years of Great Disturbance (YGD). However, one would do well to be wary of their veracity, as we cannot fact-check them the way good newspapers could before YGD.

A case in point: We believe that the following document is a front page of the leading newspaper at the time. What it says seem to support the speculation raised above. However, as the page was reconstructed from the severely damaged data storage without the secure encryption, there is no way we can be sure of its reliability. Its content seems to be consistent with the informal, collective memory as shared by the elders in our staff. Until we obtain more conclusive information, we leave it up to our readers' judgement to believe the whole or not.

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